Documentation on Lutheran-Episcopal Relations

Called to Common Mission | Llamados a Una Mision Comun [PDF]

Charter of the Lutheran-Episcopal Coordinating Committee (undated)

Are We There Yet? The Task and Function of Full-Communion Coordinating Committees.
By Mitzi Budde.
Journal of Ecumenical Studies, 48:1, Winter 2013. [PDF]

LECC Five Year Plan 2008-2012 and Four Year Plan 2013-2016 [PDF]

Called to Full Communion (The Waterloo Declaration, 2001) [PDF]

Principles for the Orderly Exchange of Pastors and Priests

Response of the Lutheran-Episcopal Coordinating Committee to the Request of the Seventy-Seventh General Convention of the Episcopal Church (2014)

Report on the Grounds for Future Relations between the Church of Sweden and the Episcopal Church, by the Rev. Dr. Christopher Meakin, the Very Rev. Dr. William H. Petersen, the Right Rev. Dr. Ian T. Douglas, and the Right Rev. Pierre W. Whalon with the assistance of the Rev. Margaret Rose and Mr. Richard Mammana (2015)

Memorandum of Mutual Recognition of Relations of Full Communion between the Churches of Called to Common Mission (The Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) and the Churches of Called to Full Communion: The Waterloo Declaration (The Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada) (2018)

Sharing the Gifts of Communion (the "Augsburg Agreement") (2022)

Commentary on 'Sharing the Gifts of Communion' (the 'Augsburg Agreement'): An Explanatory Memorandum on the Historical Development of the Ministry of Episkope in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (undated)

Concerning Voice and Vote for Ordained Ministers of Word and Sacrament Serving Under Exchangeability Provisions of Full-Communion Relationships (undated)

Guidelines and Worship Resources for the Celebration of Full Communion [PDF] (undated)

Episcopal-Lutheran Dialogue from the Archives of the Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas (1969-2014)

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